Our hand crafted designs
from different
high class materials,
are building a bridge
between future,
fashion and a bit of a fetish.

To minimize our impact on the environment is our highest priority, there for we only use high class materials, like vegetable tanned leather, recyclable and environment friendly PVC and nickel free stainless steel. All of our pieces are custom made to order to save on making unwanted overstock. Our designs are handcrafted with an attention to the detail and high quality and made to last for long. We work with climate neutral shipping companies and using only recycled packaging.

Some of our designs are really provocative and over the top, some of them are kinky or even more than visionary, but each of them transforms even the most unimpressive outfit into a stunning eye-catcher.

The idea behind it is to create an experience you never ever want to miss again. 

And even if you ask yourself now: „can I wear it?“ – we promise you, once the piece touches your body, you can feel the rising self-confidence of a galactic amazonian and enjoy the certainty of creating a trend and not following one. As of the start 2021, Jacob decided to part ways and work on other projects. And is now run slowly by Nina.

PERLENSAU is a metaphor for the full spectrum of life, the sacred and the profine, ying and yang, trashy glam, trashy glam, to fully experience and express life’s every facet, that’s why we are here, and PERLENSAU is here to represent that. And like any philosophy, it can’t be superficial.