FLORA. The Roman goddess of flowers and spring, particularly of wheat and other crops. Flora was the twin sister to Fauna, the goddess of animals and wildlife. Her name, Flora, survives in the botanical term for the plant life in Read more


 PERLENSAEUE feat. @ S Magazine https://www.instagram.com/smagazine/?hl=de. Photography by Rishad Mistri https://www.instagram.com/rishadmistri/?hl=de. Stylist Devon Kaylor form Fashion Command https://www.instagram.com/fashioncommandpost/?hl=de. Hair and Make Up Carmen Rachel https://www.instagram.com/hallocarmenrachel/?hl=de. Jewelry by PERLENSAEUE https://www.instagram.com/perlensau/?hl=de. Model Ann-Sophie Thieme https://www.instagram.com/annsophiethieme/?hl=de , represnted Read more


“JECKYLL & HYDE” is an exclusive editorial for Elegant Magazine https://www.instagram.com/elegantmagazine/?hl=de. Photographer Konstantin Odin https://www.instagram.com/konstantinodin_official/?hl=de. Model Maja Manczak https://www.instagram.com/majamanczak/?hl=de. Stylist Olga Will https://www.instagram.com/will.oo/?hl=de. Hair&Make Up by Pitzi Müller https://www.instagram.com/pitzi_mueller/?hl=de. Latex Design by Mad Duck Design Read more

All Eyes On: Jonathan Bouyssou

“All Eyes On: Jonathan Bouyssou!” – is an exclusive editorial for KALTBLUT Magazine http://www.kaltblut-magazine.com/all-eyes-on-jonathan-bouyssou/. Photographed by Sebastian Pollin http://www.sebastianpollin.com/ | https://www.instagram.com/sebastianpollin/. Model is Jonathan Bouyssou https://www.instagram.com/jonathanbss/. All jewelry is hand crafted by PERLENSAEUE in Berlin https://perlensau.com/shop/ | Read more


“Flora” the Roman goddess of flowers, fertility and spring who protected the early blossoms. She was a minor Roman goddess who typified the season of Spring and generally represented as a beautiful maiden, garlanded with flowers. Her name is derived Read more