Call of duty

“Call of duty” – an editorial for L’officiel Thailand Fashion photography by Livia Arcade Styling by Pablo Patane All make up artists/hair stylists: Matteo Bartolini, Oriana Curti, Timo Bloom, Maria Ehrlich All models: @L’UOMO ELITE: Aaron Vernon, Alexandre Cunha, Andre Bona, Ian Sharp, Norman Theuerkorn, Ton Heukels, @FASHION: Harry Goodwins, Justus Ensfeld, Lukas Katinas, Paul Boche, @ILOVE: Demy Matzen, Malcolm de Ruiter, Ryan Barrett @WHYNOT: Leebo Freeman, @BEATRICE: Harry Curran @3MMODELS: Nick Warkus @NEST: Nicolas Hagius, @KULT: Nicolai Otta, @VIVA: Lucas Ziegele, @PLACE: Luca Jamel, Marcel Nestler, @SEEDS: Lex Olsen. Jewelry hand made by PERLENSÄUE in Berlin

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