“Flora” the Roman goddess of flowers, fertility and spring who protected the early blossoms. She was a minor Roman goddess who typified the season of Spring and generally represented as a beautiful maiden, garlanded with flowers. Her name is derived Read more


“Amazons” is an exclusive editorial for PERLENSÄUE https://www.instagram.com/perlensaue/?hl=de. Photography by Averageshots https://www.instagram.com/averageshots/. Models are Beatrice Polka https://www.instagram.com/beatricepolka/ and Hai Yen from Elace Sportmodels http://www.elace-sportmodels.com/.  Hair and make up by Sarah Gravino https://www.instagram.com/sarah157/. All jewelry are hand crafted Read more

Heathen Child

“Heathen Child” is an exclusive editorial for HUF Magazine http://hufmagazine.com/heathen-child-photography-by-thomas-ternes-for-huf-magazine/. Photography by Thomas Ternes http://www.thomasternes.com/. All jewelry by PERLENSÄUE https://www.instagram.com/perlensaue/?hl=de. Hair & Make Up by Anna Luft https://www.instagram.com/anna.luft.makeup/. Styling by Betty Knez. Model Laura Bell from Read more

Fragments of Fashion

“Fragments of Fashion” is an exclusive editorial for PERLENSÄUE https://www.instagram.com/perlensaue/?hl=de. Analaog photography by Florian Nitsch https://www.instagram.com/photogflo/?hl=de. Living Doll fashion installation during the Berlin Fashion Week, located @ Moxy Hotel Ostbahnhof https://www.instagram.com/moxyhotels/?hl=de. Media partner KALTBLUT Magazine https://www.instagram.com/kaltblut_magazine/?hl=de. Read more


Editorial for HART magazine https://www.facebook.com/HART.Mag/.  Photography by Van Schwarzdorn Photography https://www.facebook.com/vanSchwarzdornphotography/. Our media partner was KALTBLUT Magazine http://www.kaltblut-magazine.com/fashion-art-part-1-moxy-berlin-ostbahnhof-feat-perlensaue-dresp/. Our host was Moxy Hotel am Ostbahnhof http://www.marriott.de/hotel-search/moxy-hotels.hotels/. Thanks to our great team: hair and make up Kristin Read more